Finally Done?

So (other then a tutorial that I will be putting on here)… My labyrinth is complete. I did have trouble with layar and getting the location to a definition spot (which I am disapointed in)  but I am happy with the out come of what I received with my work with maya.

The troubles I had with layar with whenever I became close to the labyrinth it would eventually move back.. It also moved randomly when I would just be standing in one spot.. But as I wrote I am happy with my work and hope to continue work with layar until I get it down perfectly so that a person can actually (as I hoped) walk through the labyrinth..

IMG_0017IMG_0015 IMG_0016

Just a few screen shots from the project.. as I wrote I could never get close enough to the labyrinth itself.. Oh well.. Some day.

I still wanted the feel of walking through my project so I made a video with my model from maya.. Hope you enjoy.

You can found my video HERE.




You call that a character?

I plan to continue this project.. As of right now I love how the character is coming out.. as I wrote before I will eventually get into mapping and more realistic materials for characters.  For now I’m happy with my first try at a full character for the ground up.  I will eventually get a turntable of this character up (Had trouble with the hair and beard when I tried my first attempt at a turn table.. The beard and hair grew..?) But as of now I will post some photos of my character up to date.

character_close_jacket character_face_side character_face_top character_feet character_front character_hair_side

character_hair_side2 character_sideview character_sideview2

Hope you enjoy my character… I haven’t slept in days to get him to this level..


My character has come a very long way since my last post.  I have sculpted the face along with other details of the character.  I have also went and made clothing from extrudes from what I had with the body… Not the best route to go.. With going this way I found that unwanted faces, edges, etc found their way into the character.. I also found a great tutorial for hair which helped me a great amount.  I did have some troubles with adding more hair later on though.  I also wanted to get more into mapping for this character.. and eventually will but for now I’m happy with the maya based material that I used and the bump maps that I choose to use.



Another Labyrinth Post?

Just a few photos of playing with materials and seeing what I can get outta them.

IMG_0002 IMG_0003

First I started with the brick material just to see how It went..

After being comfortable with the material and with 000webhost and layar (for the most part) I began to work with my own material.

face_1 face_2 face_3

With an old photo of my niece, I began to play around in photoshop and the idea of PNG files with Layar.  After reaching a level of the photo I liked I throw it into maya to see how it would work with layar…

IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0006

and I was not disappointed at all.

More Updates?

The Labyrinth project has come a very long way since my last post.  There has been a lot of back-stage work going on with the websites 000webhost and layar. is a a web hosting website (the name really gives it away.) where much of the information goes to and comes from. host the site from for it’s app and your object.   Along with the back-stage work I have used test objects for mapping and actually getting the app to work on an interface such as an iPad.  I will get much more in depth with these websites, their features, maya work, etc. once I put up a tutorial for this whole project.

First off this project would be nothing without the help of Chai Lo. and I can’t thank him enough for all of his help.

Well.. I made a labyrinth awhile back but felt that I should test everything first with a simple object rather then a large scale object.  So first off I made a simple cube with polygons with one side extrude in and another extrude out to see how shading and material could work out.

Test cube

Test cube

First there was no material on the test cube when we tested it in layer’s convertor (Layar’s convertor will be explained more in depth in the tutorial).  Without a material it was very hard to see any shading or value change at all.. So.. a brick material was added to the cube and that made a huge difference.


So I’ve come a long way since the last post about the character project I have been working on.  After sitting down and thinking/talking it over.. Bringing the detail down a bit to reach a level completion is the way to go. Once I get a complete character with equal detail throughout (clothing, face, items, etc.) I will go back in with finer detail.

So my first step was to actually scrap the work that I have already done on the face/head.  I wouldn’t say it was a waste of time at all doing this.. I learned a good amount within the steps I took to start/work/complete the face.  I was a little rusty and with that work done.. I feel more comfortable again with the program and tools.

Step two was to bring in my figure drawing (The PNG file that I uploaded in an older post.) into Maya by making it  an Image Plane.  I started with the head and worked my way down.  A polygon cube was used for the head.  Then extruded mostly the rest of the body.  With this done I had a very simple and crude character.. but I was very happy with it for my first character built completely on my own.

Start of the character

Start of the character

Step three started with actually cutting the character in half down the y axis.  I did this once I only had to deal with so much geometry at a time and knew that I could just mirror the one side to the other.

Character cut in half

Character cut in half

After that I simply just started to plug in detail using edges, vertex, and faces.  I actually didn’t use any other image planes during this part.. I wouldn’t say this is the best route to go for some but I feel that I can get solid detail without image planes and with just other searched photos and imagery from online.

I took a few hours on the look of the muscles throughout the arm and shoulder leading up to the neck.

close-up on arm

close-up on arm

After a few more hours on the upper body (neck, shoulders, arms, chest, etc.) I began work on the lower body.  I found it harder to get the legs down just right then the arms.  Right around the knee and calf I just couldn’t get it down until I added a diamond shape where the knee cap is.

Complete body from neck down.

Complete body from neck down.

The next move will be to start the clothing to get the feel and personality of the character.

Labyrinth.. Where do we start?

Now that I had a design down; I figured it was time to start looking into Maya and get this project off the ground.  The process for the most part was pretty simple.  I started by putting the image of the labyrinth into the image plane of the top view… So far so good.  Then made a rectangle following the path of the labyrinth.

View of the labyrinth in the early stages.

Once I reached a corner I would use the Split polygon tool to make a new face.  With this new face; I would then Extrude the face along the past.

View of labyrinth in the final steps.

Then I went ahead and continued these steps until the process of building was complete.

Rendered view of labyrinth.

Rendered view of labyrinth.

The next step of modeling will be playing around with maps and trying to decide which would work best for this environment.

What is a Labyrinth?

With all of this thesis writing… Which feels like this..

Calvin and Hobbes, written and illustrated by Bill Watterson

I feel that I am ready to get into the works of the project itself.. I began by a little research in the history of labyrinths.. The whole Greek mythology, spiritual journey, etc. behind the thought of the labyrinth.   With my research a solid metaphor came into place.  I then looked into what kind of labyrinth would fit the feel I needed along with something simple enough to be done. (With my first time working with anything along these lines.. I really didn’t want to over work the labyrinth and not get the overall project completed.)

With a simple Google search I started to come up with different designs that could be worked out to fit what I needed.   I found about four top views that could work with my idea.

After founding different examples of labyrinths.. I had to think about the location in which I will be showing my project.. This again made me think that I will need to go simple because the labyrinth itself will have to be large enough to walk through.  I finally came to the decision of working with the 4th design.

Work In Progress?

I started work on the face/head of the character.  I tried a few different ways to start.. I am getting a better feel of the shape of the head with one way.. and the facial points with another.

Using a shape (Sphere); I feel that I can get the feel and shape of the head better with using a sphere but not so much the feel of the facial points.

Front photo of the face using a sphere.

Side view of the face using a sphere.

Using the Extrude tool; I feel that I can get the parts of a face down better (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.)

Front view of face using Extrude.

Front view of face using Extrude.

Front view of face using Extrude.

Side view of face using Extrude.

Unsmooth rendered photo of the face

I will continue to mess around with both styles and see which I am happier with..

Getting Started?

I finally got to starting the actual model..  Then I took a few steps back ( The way I should have started) and decided to come up with a back story which will help create the character as a whole.  So instead of just giving the character cool tools and random clothing.. Explain why I gave this character these tools and the clothing he has..

I started with a brief rough draft story of the character..

A brief handwritten back story of my character.

After I had a more thought out idea of my character I went to his tools and wardrobe..  Because of the story behind the character;  the tools and wardrobe can either be futuristic or from the past.

Belt used/worn by the character.

The belt (from the past) is actually a mix of both worlds (past, present, and future).  The belt holds tools that will be noticeable as everyday tools and also tools that have a future feel and look to them.

Armor/clothing worn by character.

Armor called “Chain link” is worn by the character.   The “chain” is a metal piece with the able to clone itself.  Somewhat like a cell the chain can spit reproducing a new chain.  This allows the “Chain Link” to become any size or reproducing over itself making the armor stronger.  The neck tie is another part of the Chain link.  The neck tie is worn around the neck and is where the first chain starts.

Coat worn by character.

The coat is worn by the character.  The coat (along with many of the tools and items used) is from the past.

Bracelets worn by the character.

These bracelets (nicknamed “Cuffs”) are a tool from the future.  The cuffs are worn on both wrist.  Each cuff controls a different part side of the characters brain.  Different fields that the cuffs help with are Language, Critical thinking, Numbers, Reading emotions, and Images.